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The camp runs Monday morning through Friday morning. The days are packed, and you will stay busy! A typical day of camp: 

Mornings: Most mornings there is a short flag-raising ceremony just before breakfast. During breakfast, we will have morning announcements. Following breakfast, there are volleyball and Kickball competitions. There are also some recreation areas open during this time. 

 After lunch is a busy time at camp! All of the recreation areas are open for you to enjoy. There are also some other events held during the afternoon, including shooting sports, swim meet, Canoe race, and obstacle course. 

 After supper we have the main assemblies. Assemblies have skits and games conducted by the summer staff, as well as talent shows for students. After assemblies there is a camp wide activity. You will not be allowed to return to cabins without an adult. After the dance we hold Reflections, which is a final wrap-up of the day. The staff will provide a brief program and will release students to the cabins.

Team of the Week      
There are two "Team of the Week" awards which will be awarded on Thursday night:
  1. Competition Team of the Week. Throughout the week, teams earn points by competing in various events. At the end of the week, the team with the most points earns the title "Team of the Week." The competitions include team events such as Kickball, volleyball, swim meet, relay race, and the obstacle course. There are also individual competitions such as tennis, miniature golf, ping pong, basketball, crafts, soccer kick, football toss, quiz bowl, fishing, skeet shooting, archery, and rifle shooting. Only dues-paid FFA or FCCLA members can compete in the Team of the Week competitions. High School Seniors that graduate in the spring can compete during that summer. Children and adults are not permitted to compete. Advisors will receive detailed rules and explanations when they arrive at camp. There are tentative rules included in the Advisor Guide.
  2. Leadership Team of the Week. Teams are evaluated by other teams and the staff throughout the week on leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and attitude. The team that best displays the overall values of SLC will win Leadership Team of the Week.

Leadership Opportunities At Camp      
Every moment of SLC is filled with opportunities for campers to learn and develop leadership skills, but here are some of the "intentional" programs that are in place.
  • Team Captains - On Monday, advisors will choose Team Captains. The Captains will have a variety of responsibilities, but most important is serving as a leader for their team. There will be up to two captains per team.
  • Spirit Bucks - Spirit Bucks are a motivation tool that we use to reinforce positive behavior in students. Staff and advisors will have "bucks" to give students whenever they witness good behavior, such as helping other students, picking up trash, or demonstrating excellent sportsmanship. When a student gets 10 bucks, they can exchange them for a raffle ticket. On the last night of camp we have a drawing for a grand prize (such as a $250 Walmart Gift Card!) and other door prizes brought by chapters. We ask that all chapters bring a door prize of $10 value.
  • Leadership Team of the Week - On Thursday, a team will be selected as the "Leadership Team of the Week." This will be the team that best displays excellent leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and displays the overall values of SLC.
  • Breakfast with the Camp Director - On Thursday morning one person from each cabin can eat breakfast with the camp director. The students can provide feedback and suggestions for making camp even better!
  • Team Time - On the first day of camp, we will have team oriented activities. 
  • Outstanding Team Members - At the end of the week, each team will select one person to be recognized as the Outstanding Team Member of the week. This is a great way to recognize those students who help others have a better camp experience

Lodging and Meals      
What are Summer Leadership Camp meals like?

The Center has a dining hall and kitchen staff that provides all the meals. The meals are good quality and geared towards the students. Please be sure you are on time for each meal and clean your eating area when done. Eating meals is an important part of staying healthy and hydrated during the hot summer days!

What is Summer Leadership Camp lodging like?

The cabins at camp are barrack-style bunk cabins. Most hold approximately 26 people in each. The cabins are air-conditioned, and bathrooms are in the cabin. Unless you have enough people to fill a cabin within your chapter, you will be housed with other chapters. Everyone will bring their own linens to camp. We provide a mattress and toilet paper - everything else needs to be brought! The camp program includes Cabin Checks, in which campers are scored on how clean their cabin is each day.

2019 Sample Advisor Guide      
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2019 CJH SLC Sample Schedule 12/1/2021 235 KB
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Advisor Expectations- Required for each adult 12/1/2021 455 KB
Camp Policies and Dress Code 12/1/2021 144 KB
Golf Cart Policy 12/1/2021 59 KB
Safety Procedures 12/1/2021 107 KB
What to Bring- Advisor 12/1/2021 85 KB
What To Bring- Camper 12/1/2021 53 KB

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