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  Bunk Lodging
Cabin Overview      

Camp John Hope FFA-FCCLA Center has approximately 200 beds in bunk cabins. All of the cabins have heat and air conditioning. Some cabins are handicap accessible. Please inform us if you require special accommodations.

  • Some have individual rooms with 2 or 3 sets of bunk beds. Each room has a private bathroom.
  • Some have one large bunk room plus a counselor room.  There are partial walls that create "pods" of four beds for more comfortable lodging.
  • The exact bed count varies between 26 to 30 beds.
  • They have a common area with table, chairs, and couch.
  • Bunk cabins do not come with linens, but linens can be provided for an additional charge.
  • All of the bunk cabins are air-conditioned and heated.


Skinner & West Cabins      

Features of the cabins:

  • Each cabin is actually like two cabins in one. The two sides are completely independent, so groups can place two genders in the building.
  • Only one door links the two sides, and that door can be locked or unlocked.
  • Each of the two sides has one large bunk room plus 2 counselor rooms.
  • The cabin can hold up to 64 campers total (24 in each of two bunk rooms, 4 in each of the four counselor rooms.)
  • The bunk rooms and two of the counselor rooms are handicap accessible. 
  • The bed frames and furniture are oak.
  • The top bunks have bed rails and permanent ladders.
  • Each dorm shower has a small private changing area. 
  • The small lobby on each side can serve as a small group meeting area.
  • The partial walls in the bunk room create small "pods" of four beds for more comfortable lodging.
  • There are drawers and a mirror in each pod, plus there is storage room at the end of each bed.


Cabin 6 & Cabin 10      

Our newest bunk cabins, Cabin 6 & Cabin 10 offer the same fresh accommodations as every other cabin with added porch rockers to enjoy the peaceful evenings! 

Each cabin is divided into two sides, with the main bunkrooms boasting 16 beds (32 total) and the counselor rooms with 4 (8 total). With clean, handicap-accessible bathrooms and a front porch stocked with rocking chairs, it's a great spot to settle in for those good camp nights!

Each side of the cabin is only accessible from the front porch, and the bunks are separated by partial walls that create "pods" of four bunks, giving campers a little bit of privacy. Storage shelves are provided for everyone, and each of our showers have dividing curtains to keep the changing areas and showers themselves completely private. 

Harvet Roberts Cabin & Cabin 9      

Our final pair of "twins" out of our bunk cabins, these cabins are the only ones to not divide into sides. With that extra space, the main bunk room carries a lot of extra room to keep people from crowding in any area. 

These cabins boast 22 rooms in the main bunkroom, separated by partial walls into pods of four with an extra two beds in a half-pod. The private counselor room has 4 beds, and there is an additional overflow room with 4 bunks, sleeping 30 people in each cabin.

This cabin also has a handicap-accessible bathroom with private showers, and a foyer at the entrance that can be used for group meetings, snack tables, or anything else you can think of! 

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