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  SLC Registration
Step One:      

This link will become active at that time. Note that you must send a deposit for the exact number of students that you submit online. 


Preview what the form will look like in the module to the right! This is a PDF of what the form will look like, so you can enter your information faster.

Step Two:      
Send Your Deposit Check       

We must receive your deposit check within two weeks of completing the Online Registration Form. The deposit must match what you submit online or you will be billed for the difference. See Deposit Policy. A Deposit Invoice is available in the module to the right.

Step Three:      

Make changes as necessary. Submit an update Registration Form through the online system, or email us the changes.

Rules for making changes:
  • To drop a student - you forfeit the deposit for any dropped student.
  • To make an even swap (substituting one student for another student) - there is no change to the price.
  • To add a paying adult or child - if the week is still open, you can simply add an adult or advisor's child at the current price. No deposit needed.
  • To add a student - if the week is still open, if you add them AND send a deposit for them before the early registration deadline, add them at the early price. If you add them after the deadline, add them at standard price.
  • To drop an adult or child - no penalty.

Step Four:      
Complete the online final registration roster

Complete this step by Monday at 2:00 PM on the week prior to your week of camp. Even if you anticipate that some changes may occur, it is important that you complete the Final Registration Roster.

Step Five:      
Check in at camp!

Check-in location is to be determined. Students are asked to remain outside during check-in. You will need to have the following items at check-in:

  • Completed Advisor/Chaperone Expectations for every adult attending SLC
  • Accurate Final Registration Roster
  • Full payment. A Payment Invoice is available in the module to the right.
  • All Parental Consent Forms, Medical Forms, and Code of Conduct Forms. No camper will be allowed to stay at camp without these. Make a copy of these for you to keep during the week and for travel back home.
  • Door Prize (optional). We ask that chapters bring a door prize of $10 value.

  Sample Registration Form
Here is a sample of what the SLC Registration Form will look like!
SLC Registration Sample Form

Use this Deposit Invoice if needed for your student deposits.

Use this Payment Invoice if needed for your remaining balance.


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